The planning stage is one of the most critical points during Waterpark, Aquatic Center, Resorts and Hotel developments. This stage establishes facility sizing, budgets, site configurations, aquatic program requirements, plan layouts and building requirements. We consider the many safety and technical issues way before the facility itself comes to life.

Our team provides planning, design, analysis, consultation, coordination and direction to staff, management team and developers in order to achieve a balance between the natural and built environments and to ensure accessibility, safety and compliance with local rules, regulations, and best managed practices for the entire project.

The Design Team is charged with developing and maintaining a level of design excellence for the Project, ensuring a high standard for safety, code compliance, sustainability and aesthetic appearance for the land in Plan. Work consists of master planning, development of site-specific construction drawings, design review and consultation, permit coordination, development of design standards, and collaboration, coordination and communication with project teams including local authorities, private agencies etc.

All our products are custom designed and engineered. Our team practice SolidWorks 3D mechanical CAD programming, state-of-the-art software and we have over 30 years of composites design experience which is making us an unique partner for our investors to walk on the field together. That way we support each other at all levels.