About Us

Park Invest is a design, manufacturing, development and management company embodied by professionals with wide and long experience in manufacturing, contracting, design and development fields of Leisure & Entertainment and Hospitality sectors.

Park Invest main knowledge and experience is on Resorts and Hotels; WaterParks; all sort of Pools; Water Slides; Water Play Structures; Kids Play and Fun; Auxiliary Products. We do also have knowledge of Amusement Parks, Aquarium Projects as well.

Park Invest has done over 2500 projects in 90 countries around the globe. We are Market Leader in Design, Manufacture and Installation of Waterslides; we are Technology Leader of Waterslide Manufacturing; we are globally Waterpark supplier of Leading Waterpark Chains; we offer the widest range of Water Play Attractions; we meet the Industries highest standards at all time. After 39 years of experience in the field, we believe it is time to take in hand the operation and total management side of our own projects.

Park Invest has a strong experience and Know How which will put the company and the investors on to a high level of achievement of ROI.

Park Invest has good relations with Sector Leaders, Governmental Bodies, Investors and Suppliers with all levels.

Park Invest has a vision to take part in the projects, which will have a positive contribution to the society, with a mission to finish these projects on time, on quality, in the budget and with customer satisfaction. This mission is based on the previous experiences and references of its partners.

Park Invest is aware of the environmental and social responsibilities of its actions and determined to align its strategies to create a better future for everybody.