Park Invest Composite provides production, design and turnkey project management services with its experienced, enthusiastic team with 150 employees and 25 engineers and technical staff in 15.000 sqm Gebze plant.

Park Invest Composite is developing and producing custom composite products with a very wide range with its high-tech production experience, high engineering skills and good knowledge about raw materials.

Park Invest Composite works with Experienced and very well Qualified GRP Manufacturing team.

Fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP), is a matrix composite material that glass fibers obtained by combining the carrier resin.

Advantages of GRP :

• Low Production Cost

• Design Flexibility in Shape and in Dimensions

• High Mechanical Properties

• Higher strength-to-weight ratio as compared to other materials, such as concrete, metals, and thermoplastics.

• High Surface Finishing Quality

• High Dielectrical Strength

• Tight and consistent part tolerances

• No corrosion risk waterproof

• A part made of composites can typically be up to 25-30 per cent lighter than an equivalent steel part.

• Ability to relevant ASTM, EPA, NFS, UL, and other standards by using specific resins and additives.