With our planned Franchising modules, we are now aiming to open up our own Leisure & Entertainment and Hospitality Facilities all around the world.

We have built a very impressive portfolio of companies and individuals for our future projects all around the world. Over those 38 years in the field, we build up a win and win customer satisfaction portfolio, to do so we have worked with massive number of people and companies, always kept the right influenced, hard and good working ones in our portfolio. We have worked with most of them over years and years. We have involved with thousands of projects, which made us to meet the best Facility Management Companies as well, allowing us to see and understand the way they work and separate the ones which one not to work with.

We are planning to start to provide aquatic staffing to include Certified Pool Operators (CPO), Aquatic Directors, Facility Managers, Pool Managers, Lifeguards, Pool Attendants, Gate Attendants, Customer Service Reps (CSR), Swim Instructors, Aquatic Program Coordinators and Coaches. We are aiming to be a turnkey management company that manages our aquatic facilities with maintenance, water chemistry, opening and closing of seasonal facilities, events and programming as well as any repairs or renovations that our facility may need.

We are confident, we will achieve win and win goal in our future Facilities with our investors, as we always did in our previous projects.