We use the most advanced computing tools and specialize in producing designs, drawings and studies such as: Calculation of structures, made of metal or concrete / Water ride specifications / Hydraulic engineering (movement, filtration and pumping) / Mechanical systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) / Plumbing and sanitary networks / Electrical installations, high and low voltage, emergency systems / Indoor and outdoor lighting / Grounding networks / Security (alarms, CCTV, etc.) / Communications / Operation and Maintenance etc.

Park Invest engineering team provides site plan project development, foundation plan development and structural support system development and also complete aquatic mechanical systems design, including circulation, filtration and disinfection. Construction documents are prepared utilizing the latest in Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling technology. Coordination with local health departments at the early stage of the design process assures timely acquisition of important permits required to build and operate the facility. We study every project individually and develop it according to local norms and standards, carefully studying all aspects related to active and passive safety

We pay particular attention to safety issues, both active and passive. Because safety is for all of us, we take special care and have trained ourselves as Leisure Engineers. We build safe environments to have fun without limits.

Budgeting is critical. We understand the cost implications of every line we draw, and we can effectively correlate that information to the bottom line of each project we undertake.

Developing and maintaining budget estimates and comparing these costs to similar projects helps Park Invest maintain a comprehensive database of aquatic-related costs.