4D specialists KRAFTWERK Living Technologies have developed the »Waterplexx 5D« theatre, an unique attraction enabling its guests an exciting 5D experience wearing swimwear. Taking the form of a more familiar 4D theatre, »Waterplexx 5D« incorporates seats and a motion base which have been enhanced for operation in totally wet environments.

Thanks to magic fountains, water guns, rain and flat water jets visitors get involved in real water fun. In cooperation with waterparks specialists from Polin, first-of-its-kind backlit wall and ceiling panels made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) have been developed.

Moving seats and exciting additional special effects like strobes, wind, fog, lasers and effect lighting assure visitors getting directly immersed into the film turning each show into an unforgettable, wet and splashy adventure.

Like every 4D attraction make KRAFTWERK, the »Waterplexx 5D« theatre provide hith-tech cinema technology including 3D HD projection, silver screen, professional audio system and a state-of-the-art HD 3D server featuring a movie licensing system for secured film files.

The »Waterplexx 5D« is the perfect attraction for waterparks that want to offer their guests an unique highlight.

PS: Waterplexx is a trademark and patent pending product.

Product Features

  • Water SFX
  • Wind SFX
  • Lighting SFX
  • Backlit Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • 5D Multi Speed Platform 3 DOF
  • 3D HD projection
  • Professional audio system
  • Waterproof pneumatic motion base
  • HD3D server featuring movie licensing system for secured film files
  • Waterproof seats featuring 3 Dimensions of Freedom